Sunday, August 25, 2013

Unschooling Forever

Have you every heard of the term unschooling?
No, it doesn't mean to unschool yourself by taking knowledge away. It doesn't mean to dumb yourself down. It doesn't mean anything like that.
Unschooling is to give yourself (or your children) as much freedom to learn as you are comfortable with. It doesn't need textbooks (unless that is what you really wish to use) or problems, but instead it learns from everyday life.

Now that I have graduated, I'm out of school. I, however, am not done learning. No, I'm not going to college (at least not at this time). Instead, I'm choosing to unschool myself. Now that I have total control, I'm choosing to learn things such as computer science and programming, herbalism, jewelry making, and homemaking skills. I chose not to go to college for quite a few reasons.

1. The idea of a traditional college terrified me.
2. I really didn't want to spend that much money on something that would possibly never get used or that I couldn't get a job with.
3. Online college doesn't seem to be what I want right now.
4. I'll be getting married next year.
5. I don't know what I want to do with my life. Why get a degree when I don't know what I would do with it?

So, I choose to unschool myself forever. Some day my unschool curriculum (if you can call it that) may include college, but not at the moment.

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